Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Power Outage.

I sleep with my window open. Don't worry though, I'm on the 2nd floor of a two story house so it's not like someone's going to sneak in for anything. Plus, I live in a really rural area so that makes it even less likely that someone's going to take advantage of an open window in a dark house. I guess the only bad thing about it, is that it gets very cold at night, in the thirties and I still keep my window open, with the heat turned off and door shut tight.

Last Friday when I finally pulled myself from bed it was really cold in my room, SUPER cold. I wondered if maybe it had started to snow during the night which would account for the drop in temperature in my room. Turns out, we had been hit with a small but damaging ice storm. The electricity had flicked off about nine that morning and in no time the house was a fridged 57 degrees.
Not only is this a picture of icicles, but if you look for another second at the picture below you'll see that the entire top board of the porch is encased in ice and the front part of the slats too. Pretty neat huh?

I don't mind the electricity being off, at times I even enjoyed it growing up. We have a generator. Do I know how to work it? Oh please, of course I don't. Could my dad get away from work to come haul it out and get it going for us to at least have some heat? Oh please, of course not, this job is kicking his tiny butt and he's loving every minute of it. And guess what, I didn't even call to ask him for any help whatsoever. I can rough it for awhile.

I bundled the kids up in as many layers as they could stand, wrapped them in a blanket and said this was a perfect day for playing their Leapster's for as long as they liked. Isaac takes his Leapster playing very seriously so he was all on it.

Evan Grace loves playing her Leapster as well but she was more involved in flitting from set to set to see if I would wrap her up in her blanket like a baby again and again. THAT got old, for me, very fast.

Mackenzie, like the wonderful student she is, kept plowing away at her school work. Bundled up in her Virginia Tech sweatshirt of course. Looking at her you wouldn't know there was a power outage though would you?

I took the time to bundle up as well and sit with the two little kids and catch up on some reading. Use to I would never read more than one book at a time, now a days....eh...it's the only way I get more than one book finished.

I even decided to get out my cheese making book that I've been wanting to jump into for a long time now and finally come up with a list of things I needed to get before I begin my cheese making adventures. :) You'll be happy to know I've already ordered everything I need and I'm anxiously awaiting the mail truck for delivery sometime late this week. Eeekk!!!

The electricity was out about 7 hours and honestly, when the heat and lights flickered back to life, I was more than a little disappointed that it didn't last longer. It was a calm, peaceful day of just the kids and I being quiet together.
With tha,t I'll leave you with one more gorgeous picture of the ice storm that hit us and blessed us with such a great day. (No, that's not rain on the screen of the window, that's a layer of ice!)

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