Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Fun.

The younger kids spent their Valentine's day working on Valentine Day cards for their dad and working on a heart garland for their room. I had previously cut out large and small hearts for them to use. All they had to do was put them together and tape the bottoms shut.

Here's Isaac really concentrating.
Evan Grace giving me the: "Mom, are you really taking another picture of me today?" face.
The finished heart garland hanging on their ceiling in their room. We eventually had to tape it to the wall but I liked it up here.
I was able to steal away and pick up 2 gifts for myself. The black flower is a that and the necklace is a metal piece of a fabric version I've found and must have. This one though, I could afford the fabric version will have to come later or I'll have to figure out how to make one for myself. I think I love the flowers in these pieces so much because they remind me of ruffles and we all know how I adore ruffles.

Mackenzie, though she was asked to join the fun, didn't want to do anything but dive into the big plate of Brownie Pudding I had cooling on the stove.

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