Thursday, April 22, 2010

Feeding my Addiction.

A $3 long sleeve shirt...that I didn't need. It's warming up here in Virginia so long sleeves are getting ready to go to the back of the closet. This shirt was $3 though, I couldn't pass that up and it was comfy and the fabric was a little stretchy.
So I chopped off the sleeves to make them shorter. I didn't have to bother hemming them because the fabric just rolled a tiny bit and doesn't unravel.

Then I took the sleeves and cut along the length of the seam in each and laid them flat.
Then I laid them flat and cut 2 strips from each sleeve, about 3in in width. I had to even out some of the sides a bit to make them square. The fabric kept rolling so this was a bit of chore to get them to lay flat enough to cut.
Then I cut a 1inch strip from the left over and ironed that to some interfacing for strength. This material wanted to roll in on it's self and I knew I wouldn't be able to work with something that rolled into a tube. :) After I ironed it on to the interfacing I cut it out.
I sewed 2 of the long sleeve pieces together and then sewed a straight line down one side to create a ruffle. I did the same to the remaining two pieces of the sleeve.

Then I pinned the ruffles down the middle of the shirt. Next came the 1'' strip that I ironed onto interfacing. I laid that over where the ruffles touched each other and sewed down each side of the 1'' piece.
Instant ruffles short sleeved shirt. I got this idea from a blog I follow, and she put 6 buttons down the front of her ruffle after sewing in the 1'' strip. I wasn't to hip on the idea of buttons. Against the black material they were either going to just blend right in or pop to much so I skipped that idea. Cute right?
If it wasn't so windy outside the ruffles would have photographed a lot better. :)
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Anonymous said...

Lookin' good, Chic.

bippity boppity becca said...

Good night, child! How in the heck do you take a shirt, cut it up, and put it back together AND make it look awesome?!?!