Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fishing for Strawberries?

My dad is a wonderful Fishermen. He use to fish occasionally but my mom let him buy a boat a few years back, (yes I said and now fishing is his favorite hobby. Anytime he gets a chance to fish, he'll take it. We all went fishing a few days ago. Well, let me correct that sentence, my dad and I went fishing with Isaac and Evan Grace. Mackenzie sat on the bank and looked pretty the entire time, and my mom was the expert "take the fish off the hook and chuck it back' person and I have to give her props for being the "Jab the worm on the hook" person too, cause I'm not doing that, ever....for any all. The kids caught Pumpkin Seeds and Blue Gill.

Then Mackenzie spied some wild strawberries and all attention stolen from the fish and forced upon these tiny strawberries.
Lots of time was spent fishing for strawberries.

I'm sure we'll go fishing a lot this summer, the kids really enjoy it and Strawberries produce all summer long right? ;)

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