Monday, June 28, 2010

Good Intentions.

Remember this gorgeous fabric I was so excited about getting months and months ago?

Well I never got around to starting this project but every time I went through my fabric stash this fabric seemed to cry out at me, questioning me why I hadn't taken it out and made something with it.

So I did, and I had some help from an Apple Head Chihuahua too. He was much more interested in sniffing my jeans than actually helping me sew but he's to cute for me to be upset about the lack of help.

I cut the lace pieces to fit the short sides of the long solid fabric blue piece. This material is slick so it was a little tedious pinning right sides together (even without the Chihuahua's help). Sew carefully, this fabric wanted to slip in and out of the needle even with the pinning.
Next I had some thick blue ribbon that came with the fabric, that I sewed on top of the seam where the blue lace met the blue fabric. I cut the ribbon about 1/2 inch longer on each side and folded it over on the ends to help give it a finished look.
Simply gorgeous. Now my next problem....what in the world to wear it with?
Of course I had to ask my model to help with the pictures.

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