Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random Tuesday.

I finally made the last of my red towel Drying Mats. This time I decided to put a red linen panel down the middle, just to change things up a bit. This one could be my favorite.

I picked up a bag of lace the other day at a Flea Market not really knowing what all was in it and was so excited when I pulled out this gorgeous piece. Though I have no clue what to do with it....any ideas? It reminds me of jelly fish for some reason, not that I want to sew up a jelly fish or anything but I do want to use it in something.
Another great find at the Flea Market. This Baker's Rack for $50!!! No kidding, $50. The only character it has is a few nicks on the 2nd shelf, but honestly, in my house with 3 kids it was going to end up with a few nicks anyway. :) Now I have a great place for my new spice rack on the top right, that I also picked up at the Flea Market, and my cross stitch basket on the bottom rack. I love this find!!!

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