Friday, November 5, 2010

Here and Gone October.

Where has October gone? I still feel like it's August instead of 2 months away from Christmas.

I guess I lost track of days watching the kids play Just Dance on the Wii.
Then there were the few days I had to take Kenzie to the ortho to see if it was time for her braces to come off, then back to the ortho to take them off and tomorrow we'll be at the ortho so they can fit her for a retainer. Yeah, I guess I lost a few October days there.
Evan Grace turned 5 of the 12th. Even though she promised to always stay 4 she couldn't seem to slow down the hands of time enough to keep that promise.
Then there were days and evenings spent with Boy Toy. Evan Grace seems to really miss Boy Toy when work takes him away from us for a few days at a time. It's sweet and I'm sure I've lost track of a few October days in Boy Toy's blue eyes, even though Daisy swears she loves him more than I do.

Ahhh October I'll see you again next year.

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