Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pleat and Button Pillow.

I'm on a slow mission to make my bedroom exactly how I want it, no exceptions, and I want the majority of it to be things and creations that I've made FOR my bedroom. I made some cool 3D Wall Art a few months back, that I simply adoreso it was time to move on to accent pillows.  I love my duvet but I wanted some cutesy, froufrou pillows.

When I made Boy Toy's messenger bag I had a little bit of the inside black poplin leftover. It was just enough to cover a 14 x14 pillow and I had a neat idea for a cover in mind.

Since my pillow was 14 x 14 I cut two pieces of the poplin 15 x 15 for the front and back of the pillow. Then I cut 1 piece 3 x 15 of a contrast color and fabric. My duvet is black, white and silver and I had a lot of white fabric on hand so I went with white.

Fold the white strip in half, wrong sides together and pin to the front of your fabric, vertically, 7'' in from the left side. Pin in place and sew to the right side of the front of your pillow.
Once it's sewn in place, turn the strip over to where the folded edge is towards the right edge of the front piece of fabric. Sew in place again along the left side of the strip. It's very much like making a French seam. You can press in place or leave the fold loose. Since I broke my cute little ironing table/board I opted to not worry with the iron on this one.
Here comes the fun part, or it was at least for me. I went for white buttons, but you can easily use different colored buttons and buttons that are different sizes as well. Whatever you decide on space them evenly down the right side of the white pleat and sew into place. (A trick I use to keep my buttons in place while placing and sewing them with the machine is to tape them down with scotch tape. Once you're finished sewing them on simply pull the tape off).
Take the other 15 x 15 piece of fabric you cut for the back and with right sides together lay it on top of the front of your pillow. Sew all 4 edges, leaving a few inches for turning right side out and stuffing. I had a pillow insert instead of stuffing so I added in a zipper on the side of my pillow, but that's optional. With 3 kids I like having the ease of zipping off a pillowcase to toss in the washer for when they spill or decide to nap on one of my pillows without washing the chocolate bar they just inhaled off their face first. :)
I really, really, really love how this pillow turned out. It has a bit of a masculine quality to it, and it super trendy right now. Not to mention that it goes with my duvet!!!!

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PamMa said...

I really, really love these too. I made a couple of pillows this week with that stitch witchery stuff and a few buttons sewn on. I love how you kept the colors the same and mixed up the patterns.

Kathleen said...

Really love these pillows. Great job!

NYCLQ said...

What a great pillow project! Glad I found you today at Stephanie's link party!

:D Lynda

Erin said...

Wow!! Very pretty and elegant pillows!!