Monday, November 22, 2010

Make your own Vinegar.

Remember all the canning of apples I did a month or so back? There were so many apple peels and cores I wasn't sure what to do. I set some aside and decided to make homemade apple cider vinegar.

My main use for vinegar is in place of shampoo.

Anyway, save a good amount of apple peels and cores and place them in a medium size bowl.
Use distilled water and cover the peels and cores until things start to float or you can clearly see everything is covered by water.
Place a lid or cheesecloth over your bowl. If you're using a lid make sure it's not sealed, you need air in order to make vinegar.

Now, in about 2-3 weeks your apple peels and cores will start to look like this mess below. Though it shows up white in this horrible picture it's really an ugly gray color. This is known as the mother. You can use this to start another batch of vinegar if you want to keep it going.

The longer you let this sit, the stronger your vinegar will be, though it's not strong enough to can with you can still use it for recipes and a hair wash if you're like me. Just strain it a few times with cheese cloth into a pot and just barely bring it to a boil. This kills the bacteria and stops the vinegar from fermenting any longer.

I store mine in a canning jar. Simple right?

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