Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gift Card Envelope.

Gift cards, a quick and easy gift but unless you're going to put it in a Christmas card or something, it's not a pretty gift to give. If you measure you gift card from short side to short side and times that by 3 you have the length of fabric you can cut to make a gift card envelope out of fabric. You're going to cut out a rectangle so measure the long side of your gift card and use that for you bottom measurement. Mine was like 6'' by 15''. Cut two pieces this size.

Place them right side together and sew all four sides, leaving a few inches open for turning right side out.
Clip your corners for an easier way of making your corners neat when you do turn it right side out.
If you want to add a button, then on the outer piece of fabric, before you sew it right side together with the back piece of fabric add you button to one side and your button hole to the other end, make sure you place them both in the middle so they line up when you fold your envelope in.
Turn everything right side out and fold up the bottom seam a little more than half way up the rest of the fabric. This creates your pocket. Sew down the sides of your fold to create the pocket. I always back stitch a few times at the top of the pocket to make it a little tougher. If you line up your opening just right you can fold in the sides and when you go to stitch the sides of this fold into place you'll catch the opening you left for turning things right side out and you can sew this shut at the same time you sew your fold.

I didn't add a button, instead I cut a tiny strip of sticky Velcro and placed it on the underside of the envelope flap and the bottom of the envelope pocket.
There you have it, a cute fabric Gift Card Envelope. A cute way to dress up an otherwise ugly gift to give. :)
Here's a shot of it closed and ready to go. All I need to do is add a little tag.


Waseem said...

like you design Gift Card envelopes...thanks you share it.

plastic cards printing said...

Absolutely stunning my dear and a brilliant idea too! with the colorful cloth.