Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow Days

Finally!!! We had our first snowfall last Sunday. With almost 4 inches falling the kids, and myself, we anxious to get out in it.

They were sneaking and opening the back door without my knowing to scoop up small handfuls of snow so they could feel their plastic ice cream cones. (Yes, they did eat all snow in their cones)
Evan Grace worked hard on making her snowgirl. We used acorns for the eyes and buttons and rocks for her mouth. I love the leaf skirt and Evan Grace's pink nose. :)
Isaac played outside with us for a bit making snow angels and then he dashed inside to eat more snow while peering at us from the window.
It's snowing as I type this. The weather channel is calling for up to 8 inches of snow. I hope we get every bit of it.

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