Thursday, December 30, 2010


Ok, we don't really call it tobogganing in our house but I do love the use of that word. :) For the first time ever the younger kids got to sled with some family friends.

Isaac, confused by the sled, thought maybe it was Dillon's shield, so he was quick to launch snowballs at his buddy.
Evan Grace, not seeing the sled as a shield of any kind, was quick to get on and try out a short run on a small hill. Looks like she handled it pretty well.
Oh Mackenzie, all decked out in her cameo overalls for warmth. She's going to be uber ticked I posted this pic!!!
Katie and Isaac started off forward, but with just the right placement of her hand, the spun around and rode the rest of the way backwards.

Foxy (the family friend's dog) was excited to watch all the commotion.
Katie is such a daredevil. :)
I'm not sure what Dillon was trying here, but it looked like it could work really well or be disastrous on many levels.
Another backwards slide, this time with Evan Grace.

Of course no snow adventure would be complete without Isaac having a few bites....ok, more than a few....
...and Evan Grace making a snow angel.

With all our sledding, I mean tobogganing fun I'll leave you with one of the best pictures from the entire day. :) Or at least the funniest one.
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