Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Whooo’s Taking Over?

It’s no secret I’m in love with Owls, but as I was cleaning house the other day I was kinda surprised at how many owls I seem to have acquired.

There’s the Marble owls I use as door stops.


The little family of owls I made two years ago. I love the little fat baby one.


Then there’s the wicker basket kind of owl I found at a thrift store for $2.


Let’s not forget the very first owl given to me by my mom that started the entire owl addiction.


And here’s a handcrafted owl given to me this Christmas by my Aunt. Such pretty colors.


Speaking of Christmas, I had 6 of these pretty owls hanging out in my Christmas tree this year.


Check out this handsome stud of an owl. He’s heavy and cold to touch but he looks very impressive beside one of Isaac’s dragons.


We can’t forget about the owl pillow that is always lurking somewhere in my bedroom.


I even have one made out of tiny little seashell’s. I’m just as surprised as you are that this delicate thing hasn’t been smashed to bits or lost in the chaos of my house yet.


Even my books are slowly being invaded by owls.


Even my picture frames aren’t safe. (Yes, that is my Boy Toy the Reverend)


Who can forget the owl Mackenzie made me from a Hollister bag for mother’s day last year. It’s one of my favorites.


Last, but not least, one of the most important ones of all has to be the one adorning my skin. Smile 


Owls….I love them…..what more can I say.

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