Monday, January 31, 2011

Quick Birthday Idea

My mom’s birthday was on the 14th of this month. Since I wasn’t able to find that one thing I so wanted to get her, I decided to make her up something for her special day until I was able to get my hands on the other great gift.
Using a ruler I drew lines horizontally on a piece of plain white fabric, about 1/2 inch apart.
Then, sit down at your sewing machine and stitch over the lines you just drew. If you want to save on starting and stopping your lines, when you get to the end of your line stitch down to the next line and go the other way over the next line. I think the picture below will show it better than I’m explaining it.  (Or at least I hope so)
I hadn’t decided what size frame I wanted to use so I made this kinda big. If you already know the size frame you want to use just do enough to fit your frame.
I ended up laying the glass from my frame on top of my fabric. Then I made a mark an inch in from the left side of the glass. (Can you tell what I’m making yet?)
  • DSCN1284
Next, head back to your sewing machine and starting at the mark you just made, sew a RED line vertically, all the way down to the bottom line. (Bet you know what it looks like now right?)
I wrote a message on the top lines in pencil, and then had the kids sign it. After hand stitching the message and names with black embroidery thread I pressed it with a hot iron.
Now you're ready to frame it. Cute right? Took about an hour and was a great stand in gift until I locate the one I have in mind for her, but can’t seem to find anywhere at the moment.
Looks just like a piece of paper, only this one wont fade or turn yellow.

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