Thursday, January 6, 2011

Simply Forgetting.

In all the busyness of life and kids I often times take pictures of projects and things I want to blog about and then simply forget to download them to my computer,to ever blog about them . Shame shame. So let’s play a game of catch up.
Two summers ago (that’s terrible to type isn’t it??) I made a camera bag for my small silver camera at the time. I had hopes of doing a step by step how to on this project but I never found the time to make another one. Now that I have a bigger, and better camera I’m not sure this kind of bag would be protective enough for it.
Here’s a picture of the back. I wanted it too look similar to a camera it’s self.
This was the first time I had really worked with felt. It’s a cute way to tote around a camera.
I got around to working and almost finished another wall art project I had in mind for the walls in my bedroom. So far I’m in love with how it’s turning out.
Who knew that simple wooden cross stitch hoops (which I have a ton of) painted white and then filling with fabric of your choice would be such a cute and cheap way to decorate your space? (I even have ideas of doing this in my kitchen but hanging them from the ceiling, we’ll see.)
I started sketching again, just rough figures to help get my ideas out on paper. If I have something to look at as I draw I’m pretty decent, if I have to go at it on my own then it’s a mess. Without a doubt I want to learn more about figure drawing this year. (These aren’t my designs or anything, just sketches of pictures I was testing my chops with.)
Apparently this chick is on a drug induced downer. Smile
Fun with hair, and no, I don’t think I’ll ever get the hang of proportioned faces. Let’s face it, it’s a lost cause.
Last one I promise. A nice toga of sorts you think? 
It’s nice putting pencil and pen to paper again. Now you can all consider yourselves updated for the new year.


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