Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Am I missing something??

I introduced my blog buddies to my stray cat, Ganesh, back in September. This is how she came to us, tiny, scraggily, and undernourished.


Her name comes from one of the Eastern religions (no I’m not a Ganapatya, no worries there!) It means Lord of Obstacles. I liked the name and it seemed royal enough to fit her.

ganesh painting

This is Ganesh today.  A little more filled out and so very sweet. But this cat has a weirdness about her.


A weirdness you say? Surely not, look how nice and beautiful she looks, you tell me.


Are you seeing what I’m seeing? I was busy cutting out fabric for a quick scarf idea I had, I got little work down when she happened on the scene.


Here it is again.

Ganesh: Will you rub my head? Maybe my tummy?


Ganesh: Please, just a scratch or two?


Ganesh: Well then I’ll just take a nice nap on your foot until you’re ready.


Ganesh: Wha…why did you move your foot? No bother…*yawn*…I’ll just…keep…sleeping.


I mean, I don’t’ think this cat can sleep any other way but on her back?!


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