Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Matching Oven Mitt.

Remember the hot pad we made Tuesday? How about a nice matching oven mitt? I think it was easier than the hot pad.

I printed out Skip To My Lou’s Oven Mitt Pattern pieces though I didn’t follow her directions. She has a great way of doing an oven mitt if you want to follow her tutorial too or instead of mine!

After you print out the pattern, and tape the two pieces together, you’re going to need to cut out 2 each of the following (except for the bottom band, just cut one of that fabric) using the oven mitt pattern. See that bright red X below? Yeah, I thought about putting cotton batting in the oven mitt but it was just going to be too bulky to work with so I took it out before I started sewing.

One each of your out fabrics, mark your lines for quilting with a pencil or chalk, nothing permanent. I started my lines right where the thumb meets the mitten part. I wanted to have a line here to reinforce this corner. My lines are 1'' apart. You can go smaller or bigger, or any direction, however you like it.
Make sure that you flip one of your outer fabrics over so that the thumbs face each other. If you don't flip one of them over then when you go to stitch these together one of your outer fabrics will now be an inner fabric. Make a fabric sandwich, with your Insul-Fleec on the inside, your outer fabric, right side out, on the top and your inner fabric, right side out, on the bottom. Follow your lines and machine quilt these layers together.
Once everything is all quilted together, place right sides together and pin in place. Sew around the entire oven mitt but NOT THE BOTTOM. Back stitch a few times at the V where thumb meets the mitt part so that the stitches don't pop when you turn it right side out. This oven mitt is pretty thick and it's going to take some effort in turning. Carefully turn right side out.
Now take the bottom band and fold the outer edges in towards the middle so that the raw edges are touching. Press with a hot iron.

Now fold this around the bottom edge of the oven mitt. The raw edge of the oven mitt should be touching the middle of the band where the raw edges folded over in the middle. (I hope that makes sense.)
Pin in place as evenly as you can and machine or hand stitch this is place. I had to hand stitch it with a back stitch because I couldn't get all the fabric to fit in my machine. :) Add in a matching, adjustable BBQ apron and you're ready for spring and summer cookouts!

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Chris said...

Great job. Having new mitts makes your kitchen work more fun.

Ashley said...

this is great too, you are so talented!