Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quick Pot Holder.

Ok, it may not be the quickest project but it is pretty simple. I promise.

Start with 2 pieces of cotton fabric (I had an order come in so I had to go with red) cut 8’’ x 8’’.

You’ll need one piece of insul-fleece. It’s similar to Insul-Bright so you can use either. Cut this the same size as your outer cotton fabric, 8’’ x 8’’.

If you want to add a lop to your pot holder for hanging, cut a stripe of coordinating fabric 1 1/2’’ by 5’’, longer if you like.

You also need to cut 1 piece measuring 1’’ by 32’’ for the binding. (Not pictured, sorry!)
Take one piece of your outer fabric and mark diagonal lines on it with chalk or pencil or whatever you have that is NOT permanent. I marked my lines an inch apart. You can go in any direction you like or add as many direction lines as you like.  DSCN1341
Now you’re going to make a fabric sandwich. Place the outer (red) fabric as the top and bottom of the sandwich and the Insul-Fleece as the middle. Make sure the right sides of your outer fabric are facing out. The one piece you drew lines on needs to be on top so you can follow your lines while you’re sewing.

Now quilt all your pieces together. 

Once that time consuming step is finished, take your long piece for the binding and pin right sides together to the front of the 8'' square. Miter your corners and sew down all 4 sides.
Now flip your binding away from the front of your square.  DSCN1364
Fold under the raw edge of the binding and fold it towards the back. Press flat with an iron and pin and sew in place in the ditch you created on the front of the square. This will cover all your rough edges without leaving any other rough edges to sew down.

If you’re choosing to add in a little loop for your pot holder, then fold the long ends in towards the middle and press with an iron. Sew a straight line down the edge of the loop close to where you folded in the ends. Pin this on the inside of where you’re folding over your binding. You could pin this on one of the corners or if you want it to hang straight, pin it to one of the sides.

Moving on….
This is the back of the square, everything is folded nice and tight, and as close to the outer edge as possible. When you sew this in place make sure the front of the hot pad is facing up. If you fold, press, and pin this correctly you’ll have no trouble sewing these edges down nice and neat, so take your time with this step.DSCN1366
Nice, quick and easy right? And super cute if I might say so myself!!DSCN1388

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Sandra said...

Cute idea! Nice tutorial. I need to sit down and make some of these soon:)