Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hot Goods!

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What do you do when your dad brings you something that one of his friends stole from a restaurant  25 years ago in Maryland?

I wanted a rain barrel, was signed up to take a class last summer on how to make your own rain barrel and ended up not being able to go. So I asked my dad to see if he could ask some of his buddies to keep an eye out for an old wine barrel or the equivalent so I could convert it.

A week or so later my dad shows up with this.
An ugly red, plastic barrel of some sort without the lid.
Me to my dad: “What is that?”
“I thought you could use it for a rain barrel.”
Me excited to my dad, “Oh that’s awesome, where in the world did you find it?”
Dad somewhat sheepishly to me, “Price was getting rid of it, said you should consider it an early Christmas gift.”
(Price is one of my dad’s longest friends, he’s not known for his love of the law or authority, which makes me wonder why he and my dad are friends.)
“Where did Price get it?”
Dad started laughing, “Oh about 25 years ago he and one of his buddies were in Maryland and they stole it from the back of some restaurant. He said he thought they kept pickles in it”
So there you have it. The story of my ugly rain barrel. For anyone that may be out there missing this pickle barrel? I apologize on behalf of Price and his friend for stealing it and I hope the statue of limitations has already run out. Smile

I couldn’t leave this barrel ugly so I picked up 2 cans of stone spray paint.
I should have primed it first but I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted it covered and I wanted it covered now!
Ahhhhh much better!
Now all that’s left to do is shorten the down spout and get Boy Toy to make me some kind of lid/cover for the top to keep the bugs away.

I have to admit I’m looking forward to washing my hair in rain water, more than I’m excited about conserving rain water for our garden later. Smile


Kaitlin said...

Where did you by your stone spray paint, thats the color i want(pebble)everywhere i go they don't have it!

Jess said...

Actually I think I found it at Wal-Mart or Lowes. It's in with the other spray paints and there's not a large selection so you may have to search the aisle a bit. Let me know what you end up paiting if you find some!!! It's a great product. If all else fails you may be able to order it from Lowe's or Home Depot's website. :)