Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quick Makeover.

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One of Boy Toy’s grandmother’s use to sew and quilt. He unearthed her sewing chair a few weeks back and brought it to me so I wouldn’t have to keep using the bench from the kitchen table whenever I wanted to sew.
How perfect is this sewing chair??? And how badly do I need to clean up the living room and vacuum? Ewwww.
Evan Grace and I flipped it over, unscrewed the 4 screws that held the set in place and set to cleaning it up. We gave it a quick tea wash to clean it and put a little more color into the wood
If you want to do this yourself just let a tea bag seep in 1 cup of warm water for a few minutes. Then dip a cloth into the tea and wash the wood down. (If you have a darker type of wood you can use coffee instead of tea!)
After Evan Grace did all the work, we did all the work, I took over and recovered the seat with the same fabric I used on the couch cushion makeover with matching pillow.
It was easy, I didn’t sew a stitch. I just folded under the edges and used a staple gun to keep everything in place. Then Boy Toy was kind enough to force the screws back into their home and voila! a super quick, super easy make over.
It looks pretty good with the matching couch in the background doesn’t it?
But it looks even better all tucked under my sewing desk….just like it’s always been there.


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