Thursday, October 21, 2010

Breaking out the Filling.

I got a chance to use my first jar of canned Apple Pie Filling a few Saturday's ago. It was as quick and easy as rolling out the pie crust, dumping in a jar of pie filling and baking until golden brown. The apples were a good consistency, not too mushy not to crunchy. The best part had to be what a huge time saver it was to have the filling ready to add in.

I now have many jars of Apple Butter and though I love it on toast and biscuits I wanted to see if there were any other recipes that called for Apple Butter. This one caught my interest. Grilled Brie, Turkey and Apple Butter sandwiches.
Sounds weird right? I agree. Sounds like maybe you'd skip over this recipe if you found it in a cookbook? Again, I agree. But I beg of you, no, implore you to give this one a try. Make it just like you would a grilled cheese sandwich but use a few thin slices of Brie then spread on some apple butter before you add it to the hot pan. This was fantastic. Boy Toy agrees so you know it has to be good. I think I'm going to log off and make another one now. I may never have a normal grilled cheese sandwich again!!

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