Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Salt Maps.

The two little kids made Salt Maps as part of their Social Studies/History lesson. This has been one of the biggest hits this school. No sooner were we done then the kids wanted to make another one.

Isaac shaped all of his landscape by himself.
Evan Grace had a little help from me, but eventually I gave in and let her make whatever she wanted as part of her map. I think added worms and cupcakes.
Here's Isaac's map. The hardest part for the kids was waiting the 3-4 days it took for the dough to dry.
And here it is dry and painted.
As for Evan Grace's map, I'll leave you to interpret it for yourself, because frankly....I'm lost.

Here's the recipe for making Salt Map Dough:
2 cups flour
1 cup salt
3/4 cup water

Mix until dough forms and then start shaping your map onto a piece of heavy cardboard.

You can use poster paint to color your map or you can add food coloring to the dough as it's being mixed. We didn't have poster paint but we had gel paints. It wasn't a perfect covering for the maps but the kids enjoyed painting no matter how it turned out.

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