Monday, December 21, 2009

City kids in country fun.

The kids and I headed out for some fun in the snow Saturday. I took this picture of Evan Grace right before she threw the snow ball at my face! Yes, Isaac is trying to take a bite of the snow. Seems that's his favorite thing to do with it.

Learning to walk in over a foot of snow is no easy task for an adult, let alone a 6 year old city boy. He ended up falling after not being able to pull one of his legs out of the weight of the snow. Somehow I don't think he cared all that much.

Evan Grace wasn't heavy enough to pull into the snow to make her snow angel. She did keep trying however, wherever she could.

We did end up uncovering baby Jesus AGAIN. Jeesh you'd think with his parents right there they would have watched over him a little better. Nonetheless Isaac and I were there to rescue them all.

We made a snowman too. Mackenzie found the dried tree buds for the eyes and the twig for his mouth and arms and I came up with the black thing for his nose. The little kids were major disappointed we were out of carrots. Maybe next snowman will have a carrot nose.

We (meaning I) threw snowballs at the window in the hopes of luring Mackenzie out of the house. (This was before she ventured out to help with the snowman). It worked and I must proudly say I threw 2 snowballs and both of them hit their marks before slowly sliding down the window. :)

Once we were completely frozen, we shed our wet snow clothes and came inside for some hot cocoa, with rench vanilla snowmen marshmellows (have you tried those things yet??? yummy!!!) Props to my mom for having it cooling while we were still out playing.

Mackenzie, though reluctant at first, finally came out and took some pictures and helped with the snowman. She had her cup of hot cocoa BEFORE heading out into the snow. She's such a rebel.

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