Monday, December 7, 2009

More snow pictures.

I couldn't help myself. When the snow started to slow down Saturday I slipped out of the house in a coat and a warm pair of shoes; camera in hand. I froze myself almost solid but it was worth it. I didn't want to come back into the heat of the house.
Here's a pictures of the Rose of Sharon tree in front of the drive. I love the way the snow settled on top of the dried bud as if it was the flower it's self.

If you stand at the bottom of our drive and look left this is the view you get. So very very gorgeous. Could it be that I love snow and winter so much because everything is coated in my favorite color gray?

Remember the picture I took of the moutain while the snow was falling? How fantastic are the trees now? Wow!

The kids and I had a Christmas party to attend that night as well. I had to take a few shots of the drive as we went. I know, dangerous, but I didn't have to put my eye against the viewfinder thing ya know. I just held it and clicked. :) Try to ignore the Honda in front of us.

Here's a picture of Evan Grace checking out the snowman her friend Ty made with his PawPaw. :)

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