Friday, December 25, 2009

Ode to Daisy.

The kids and I played in the snow again today. This time we kept Daisy, our 2 year old dog, with us the entire time. I think she had more fun in the snow than the kids did.

She started out on the hunt, her nose working back and forth like mad.

Then she decided to lick as much snow as possible while on the move. Honestly her tongue was flapping as quickly as her feet were moving.

She moved on to running then, well it was this weird kinda hop, bounce, run thing. The snow was up pretty high on her so she had to push her weight up and out of the snow in order to get any speed up. I think so enjoyed the challenge though.

Tired of runnin she decided to pounce Isaac everytime he laid down to make a snow angel or take a nap as he liked to pretend to do. As soon as she pounced and Isaac squealed she was off of him and on to more snow play.

Then it was back to more running, this time with Isaac, all recovered from him many dog attacks.

She had fun playing, scratching and then eating the snow balls the two little kids decided to pelt her with. She's a good dog, I'm beginning to wonder if maybe she was just thirsty after all the snow licking and eating.

She took time, off and on, while outside to watch the neighboor's dog across the field play in the snow and bark at her. It was only a few seconds at a time, but she did stop to spy on her friend from time to time.

Back to more running. I don't think I've ever seen my round dog run so much. Back in the summer we'd take her outside so she could fetch tennis balls and even then she'd get bored or to tired to run anymore. Not today, I really think she liked being in the snow.

I love this picture, note how her eyes are cut to one side and only one ear has been bounced up high as she bounce-lopes-runs towards me... so very funny.

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