Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Beast

3 days I worked on this purse. 3 days I spent cutting fabric, measuring everything just so, ironing everything flat, folding in the edges for smooth, tight hems. Then slowly piecing the right pieces together, making sure I followed the directions for this bag to the letter. 3 DAYS!

It's cute, I love the fabric still. I love that the white isn't white but more of an off white cream.
I adore the pleat, I mean look at that, that's a gorgeous pleat. I'm proud of this pleat. I wanted to be proud of this bag.
It even has a big inside pocket and a stiff bottom so you can stuff this thing full.
Sadly I've named this bag 'The Beast'. It not only took awhile but I made stupid mistakes with it, the kind of mistakes I haven't made in a long time. I messed up on the straps, making them way to small to fit the look of the bag and I missed a part of a seam and didn't catch it until there was no turning back.

In all honestly I can take this bag apart and start over, but in reality I refuse to do it. I'll use this bag for storage, maybe to hold sewing scraps and such in, but I will not take this beast apart and redo it. I'll start from scratch and see if The Beast 2 doesn't turn out better.

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