Monday, May 3, 2010

I will NOT!!!

This was my second attempt to make a Yellow Cake from scratch. Ha! I don't know why I bothered. I searched online and even in some recipe books I had for an easy, simple but tasty yellow cake mix from scratch. This one was NOT going to turn out like the cake I made for my mom's birthday.

Well guess what? It was sweeter than Mom's Birthday Cake, but it was still horrible. The recipe was easy enough and I copied it from a blog that I use to follow. The woman that made this cake raved and raved about it, how easy it was, how it's always her go to cake when she's wanting something cakey. Now I don't trust her recipes!!!

I can follow directions really well, honest I can and I was even, so very extra careful, in reading and making sure I did this one just right. I had high hopes for this cake.

This cake let me down on every level. It was heavy, it was bread like, it was chewy and it just sucked all the way around. I took one bite and didn't let anyone else even taste it. I told the kids to throw their coats on, it was a little chilly outside, and we took this beast to the back porch.

Isaac: "Mom, we can't eat cake on the back porch before bed."
Me: "Oh we're not going to eat this, I wouldn't dream of putting this in your stomach."
Isaac: "Are we just going to leave it out here?"
Me: "Oh no, it's not even worthy to sit on the back porch. We're going to take big handfuls of it and toss it into the yard."

Isaac was speechless with excitement. They dug into the still warm Crap Cake and started tossing.
I even let the dog nibble on the cake as the kids were chucking chunks over the railing. This dog eats everything, but she only got a few bites in of this cake before she wanted back in the house. THAT'S how bad this cake really was.
Isaac eventually got to cold and went back inside but Evan Grace was happy to keep throwing 'Crap Cake' into the yard.
I made a promise to myself after this failed attempt at Scratch Yellow Cake.....I'm not making another yellow scratch cake for the rest of the year. That's right, an entire year of only box mixes for my yellow cake urges.

(This cake incident happened in February. I'm glad to report that I've still held myself to my promise and not made a scratch yellow cake since!!!!)

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