Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My shirt to Evan's Dress.

I use to love this shirt. I even liked how it crossed in the back, though I don't think that style is me. Still I liked it so much I even picked up one exactly like it but in a burgundy color.

Well, this shirt no longer fits, mainly because I've lost so much weight the past 6 months, but also because it was getting old and stretched out. However, the majority of the shirt was still in pretty good shape.

I laid it out as flat and straight as possible and cut straight across the top. Thinking I could make this into some type of tank top for myself. Well the pieces I was left with, were just not going to work for tank top sleeves and such.

Then I cut through one of the side seams, and cut about 10 inches off the entire length. Then I sewed it back together and ended up with something like a tube of material. Here it is cut to size but right before I sewed it back together.

Using the 10 inches of material I had left, I cut 2-2'' pieces and sewed them together. Then sewed straight down the middle of the long piece with a loose stitch and made a ruffle. Then next step I forgot to take a picture of because it was an after thought. I cut a 1'' x 10'' strip next instead of making sleeves or straps. I attached the ruffle and strip to be tied around the neck and had a new dress for Evan Grace that she's been living in for the past 2 days.

I wasn't paying attention, or thinking straight, whatever you want to say, but I did not take into account how this material stretched, so it's tighter than I like and I think the ties around the neck really hooch this dress out. I intended for Evan Grace to wear tights underneath it as well but this little miss was going crazy wanting to wear this as I was making it. I barely got the ties sewed on behind the ruffle before she started dancing in front of me, singing, "Now mom, is it done now?"I do love the ruffle though....but that should be no surprise to anyone!!! Evan Grace loves it, and if anything else she can always wear it as PJ's

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