Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My New Toy.

My 3 year old camera finally gave up her ghost a few months ago. I was on a search for a new one immediately. A few days ago I broke down and made the purchase....after a lot of heavy prodding from my boy toy...I mean boyfriend. :)

Here she is....isn't she beautiful? Boy Toy...I mean Nathan, likes to call her Ms. Snappy Pants....I have yet to give her a name though it's coming.
Here are a few shots to prove just how great this camera is. I couldn't be happier with a camera than I am with this one.

                                  Isaac looking all studly.                        
Ganesh looking royal and interested instead of squinting and ticked off.

Look at the details on this plate of food. For such a horrible subject, I'm still amazed by how great this picture is. Kinda makes you want to buy a camera like mine doesn't it?
I think you can count the fur hair by hair on Daisy's face in this picture. I know you can count her beard whiskers. :)

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Leisha said...

I am so happy for you - a new toy in time for the holidays this year - oh you will be a blogging sensation!! I have total camera envy!! We have been talking about a new one and I do have a birthday lurking around the me the details would you??