Thursday, September 9, 2010

Raven's Cliff

Nathan and I took the kids on a picnic to Raven's Cliff last Friday. I hadn't been in years and the little kids had never been. We enjoyed sandwiches, chips, yogurt covered pretzels and soda for our late lunch.

Then we took off for a walk to try and find a way into the creek behind us so we could wade in.  How sweet is this picture?

Isaac actually stopped and posed for a picture without me asking. I was in shock.

We found a spot to walk into the creek and the kids were super slow and careful as they stepped in.
It wasn't long before they started hamming it up. The water was a bit cold and after awhile our toes went numb, no one seemed to care.
Here's Isaac trying to spray Nathan by lobbing an enormous rock at him. It worked!
We took Daisy along with us.  She spent a lot of time running through the underbrush eating this and that.
Then I finally forced her into the water and she took to swimming like it was nothing. Though I'm still very mad at her it was super cute to watch her swim....
...that was until she found a rock to perch on.
We all had such a good time we were talking about coming back as soon as we had left. I think I could have spent all day splashing around and munching on picnic food, and watching my babies play in the same creek water I did as a child.

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Anonymous said...

What a fun day! Even I have to admit that Daisy looks cute while swimming. The creek looks VERY inviting.