Monday, September 20, 2010

Scarf Curtain

Remember this post about my vintage scarf curtain? I love this curtain, it was one of the first things I hung up when the kids and I moved into our new place in April. Gorgeous, whimsy and so me.

I've slowly been collecting more scarfs to make a somewhat matching curtain for the other window I have in my kitchen. Here are the few I have so far. The dark blue one with the white stars is one of my grandmas.
Instead of using white ribbon like the original curtain I went for stretchy lace. Just cause. :) All you have to do is cut your lace the length of your choice and place it behind one of the corners of the scarf.
Then fold it over the corner and sew everything in place. Quick, simple and a great, fun look for any window.
I'm going to add a few more scarfs as soon as I can find some that match the color story I have going on here. Now my kitchen windows have matching curtains and I'm a happy girl.

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