Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Picture of a Migraine.

When I get a migraine, one of those really bad ones that has you feeling like your brain no longer fits inside your head, or that maybe, just maybe if you could jab out your left eye you would feel better,  yeah, one of those bad boys, then I'm pretty much good for nothing but making sure the kids are fed and safe.

I was struck with a so called 'bad boy migraine' Tuesday. I thought I'd snap a picture of how I spent most of my day.

Mackenzie was at school all day so Isaac and Evan Grace took it upon themselves to take care of me and comfort me. I was brought jars of playdoh  so I could try and help them make ice cream with sprinkles, (can I just say that the smell of playdoh while having a migraine is not so great?). Isaac brought in his How to Train Your Dragon book and read me a few sentences adding in a sneaky little question afterwards, "Mom, if I get a migraine too do I have to do schoolwork tomorrow?
Then Evan Grace was quick to bring in a Barbie and a Mermaid Barbie, "In case you need some friends" she said.

Isaac sat with me for awhile and played his Leapster, with the volume turned down, before he decided I needed a stuffed yellow puppy on the pillows next to me, which had Evan Grace running for one of her babies to suffer with me as well. They placed them next to my brown sweater that seems to be the only thing that'll warm me up if I get migraine chills.

Oh and there are books and a notebook full of scribbles that Evan Grace drew me while I tried to keep still and quiet while chanting to myself, 'It has to get better,...right? It can't get much worse,...right?

See those pretty water bottles (green, blue and purple) on the table by my bed? Those are the neatest reusable water bottles I've yet to find. Every time I ran out of water one of the kids was dashing to bring me another one before I ever had to ask.

I have great kids, if only I had a head that could keep it's crap together and not act out in such a manner then life would be pretty darn sweet!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love this post. I've been there. Even when preparing to stab your own eyeball out, you're still Mom and still ON.