Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September Fun.

Am I the only one that feels like it should still be August? There are only a few days left in September and I'm wondering how fast time will keep slipping by.

Here's how the kids and I spent some of our September.

Play Dough and dragons were almost a daily playtime.

The two younger kids were properly introduce to creek play.
Cotton Candy was shared at Cousin Connor's football games.
Mackenzie's hair is still short from her last hair cut and I'm so proud that you can still see both of her eyes, even if she is a little heavy with the eye makeup. :)

We had many impromptu picnics inside the house, set up by Evan Grace and enjoyed by all
Coins were collected and separated into 2 different piggy banks, which seemed to take forever to finish.
Mackenzie got involved in spirit week at her High School. She decked herself out for Nerd Day (left) and Crazy Day (right).

All these fun activities in between school lessons, housework, cooking, canning and spending time with grandparents and family. It was a good September, just way to short.

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