Sunday, October 11, 2009

Birthday Fairy

I never celebrated Halloween growing up. My kids have never celebrated Halloween either and I hope they don't celebrate it when they are grown and out on their own. BUT, every year, in all the stores, it never fails; all the costumes, headstones, witches and creepy stuff come out of hiding and litter the shelves. Every year without fail the kids start asking why other kids celebrate a holiday that is so bad and 'not good'. This year was a little different. Evan Grace said she didn't like Halloween but she would still like to wear a Fairy skirt (she had just spied one on the clothing racks.) I told her I thought I could probably make her one that she could wear whenever she liked.

So this is what I came up with. It's suppose to be way way way shorter but when I asked Evan Grace what she wanted she said and I quote, "I want it long, long, longer." So hopefully this it was 'long, long, longer' looks like. Isaac and Ev watched the entire process from start to finish, from. start. to. finish!!!! and yes Isaac did ask if he could wear it!

I measured and cut a strip of elastic, sewed the ends together, cut the tulle in 40 inch strips and started double knotting them on the elastic. I think it worked pretty well. You can see a pink flower at the bottom of the skirt, I had some cute flower buttons that I knotted on one of the strips of tulle. I have a few more different colored ones I hope to add on later. The only trouble I see with the Fairy skirt is the length. The longer she wore it the more tangled the fabric got within it's self. I may have to shorten it after all.

Oh, since her birthday is on the 12th of this month, she's now calling it her Birthday Skirt. :)
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bippity boppity becca said...

We made skirts like these for Briley's birthday last year. I found that you can wipe a dryer sheet on them to take out the cling if they get clingy. Then just run your fingers through the tulle, while holding the band, to untangle it. It worked for us.

On a side note, I didn't know you had moved. I noticed all these posts about being at your mom's and thought you were just taking a LONG summer vacation. I wanted to go out a couple of months ago and thought I might call you. (I chose to just stay home instead.) But then I saw a post that made it obvious you had moved. Wow! I'll miss you and the few mom's night outs that we had.

Jessica G said...

Becca, you rock. That's a brilliant idea. I was following her around at one point doing the finger thing because it was starting to drive me mad and she eventually just took it off and handed it too me. I'm going to get a dryer sheet right now! Thanks. If we ever make it back to AL I'll give you a shout out and maybe we could get the girls together for one more night out. I miss them too. Very much!