Monday, October 12, 2009


Today is Evan Grace's 4th birthday. I tried writing a poem, an acrostic, even a Haiku for this little goose of mine but words escaped me. I've lost my poetry chops. But Ev's dad seems to have an abundance of poetry chops so here's a cute collage of Evan Grace and an acrostic her dad worked up to try and capture her.

Happy Birthday my little one.

Entertainer, wild haired child of mine
Very image of your mother's wisecrack smile
All your strength in each neck wrenching hug
No one ever told you that a princess, can't throw a punch

Girl with her father wrapped tight on a tiny finger
Race your brother, hide from the bears
Always after the sweetest treat of tiny feet.
Chase laughter with every crazed pirouet and pose
Ever changing, ever mine, every grace that makes your name. -- Dad

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