Friday, October 2, 2009

More projects.

Recently the kids and I were house sitting. I had a lot of free time on my hands when the kids were in bed for the night. I whipped out the sewing machine and left it set up all week, it was wonderful and I sewed and sewed and sewed. Here are a few of the projects I started and completed while house sitting.

First, I sewed a quick Thread Bag for my machine. Hopefully this will help keep my work area thread and scarp free or at least cut down on the amount of threads and scraps I have to sweep off the table and floor when I'm finished. I quilted the main piece of white fabric though you can't see it with the picture. I'm so happy with it. Oh, the smaller pocket is for my small scissors, my favorite part of the entire project.

More tissue holders. The bottom one is out of the leftover fabric I had from my hobo bag which I finished a few days ago and need to take pics of to post. You will not believe how big the thing turned out to be. Trust me, you will not believe it.

And I also made a little pocket envelope for my purse, out of the same wonderful fabric, for make-up. I was thinking of sewing in a button to close it with and then I remembered I had picked up these round button size sticky back Velcro so I used that instead.

I started many many more projects that week but haven't finished them up yet. Maybe this weekend I'll have time to get back at the machine. I hope.
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