Thursday, October 22, 2009

My huggie

I was 13 maybe 14 when my grandmother did one of her famous, 'clean out her house and give sutff away' things. I ended up snagging some throw pillows, many of which I tossed over the years. There was one lucky one, however, that ended up not only lasting through time but won the label, 'Huggie".
My Huggie has been with me since that day and I honestly have a hard time sleeping without it. (I have that weird thing were both my arms go numb if I don't lay just...ahhhh.....right.)
The 2nd anniversary of my grandmother's passing was the 16th. It got me thinking about her and some special memories I had of her, and I got to looking at huggie. With all the sewing I've been doing lately I decided it was way past time to revamp huggie. I mean she needs to last the next 40-50 years and at this rate she was lucky if she had another 5 years in her
So needless to say, my dear sweet huggie has been through the war, what with 3 kids who like to use her for pillow fights, a dog that likes to suck on her and being my only defense against numb arms. She was starting to rip and a few of her threads were giving up their fight.
So I pulled out her stuffing and got slightly sick to my stomach after looking at what I'd been clutching to my chest the past 10 years, hand washed her, air dried her, sewed up all her little problem areas, then re-stuffed her with new, fresh, fluffy stuffing. To top it off I had picked up some uber cheap pretty girl fabric so I set out to make her a new pillowcase. She deserves a great pillowcase after her years of service right? Of course. I'm very very pleased with how it all turned out and I think I may just make a few more pillowcases for my other pillows.

Oh, don't you just love my owl? I picked him up a few weeks ago for $5. I just love him. I think he matches the decor very well. I'm looking for more like him so he'll not be lonely on my dresser.
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