Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Matt and I took the kids bowling Sunday. We had to call ahead and reserve a lane at 7:30 and we really did have fun. Isaac loved it and Evan Grace seemed to like it. She thought every time someone picked up a ball it was her turn but a few frames in she started getting the hang of it. Mackenzie couldn't figure out how to roll the ball so she ended up doing this throw,drop thing that I was sure was going to get us kicked out for damaging the lane. But Isaac got the award for most surprising incident that night. He wanted to go up and do it all by himself so we let him and of course I'm sure you can see it coming but we didn't. He THROWS the ball, like it's a football onto the lane. I know everyone knows that cracking sound of a bowling ball being thrown and did it sound throughout the building. Matt and I were so insync with what he just did that we responded in unison, "No." We had to laugh.

Aside from it costing us $40 to bowl one game...yes $40....we really did have a good time. I just wish it were cheaper so we could go more often.

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Anonymous said...

Fun! Those are pretty good scores! I'm lucky if I hit 80. Clearly I spend a lot of time in the gutter. (Oh. Wait! You already knew that!) Tee. Hee.