Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ev, my sidekick.

No matter what I do throughout the day I always have a little helper by
my side. It's sweet at times and then at others I wonder if I didn't give birth
to some form of human leech. I had just finished my make-up, yes, which she had to help me with and put her own on as well. And Kenzie and I were studying Science in my room while Evan Grace decided to hang on me to finish my make up while studying. Thus this picture was born.

I must say, I think she's going to be the mother of the group. I think all my kids will end up with families of their own, but if one of them would make the choice early to stay home with their kids I think it'll be Evan Grace. She practically does all the housework with me already, including laundry and putting up groceries.

"I'm stronger for that." I don't know how many times I hear that during the day when she's trying to convince me that she can handle a task I'm doing on my own.

So here's a great picture of my 3 year old sidekick.
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