Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So it was time to make more homemade laundry detergent and the
two younger kids got in on the stirring action this time. :) And I think
it made a difference!!! This batch seems much more gelled.

I added 25 drops of lemon oil to the batch this time for a stronger,
cleaner smell and I love it!!!!!!

In looking for the essential oils I discovered a great health food store in
Huntsville, off of Oakwood. Ok, I didn't discover it but I had never been
there before or knew they existed. :) Good prices too and wonderful
organic yogurt covered pretzels.

I made my own Febreeze and antibacterial counter top spray the same day
I don't much like the smell of the antibacterial spray (it has Tea tree oil
in it and I just don't like the smell of that stuff) but the Febreeze rocks. :)

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Dottie said...

You must be talking about Foods For Life by Kroger. I love that store. Their prices are outstanding.

Anonymous said...

Ever heard of Lemon Myrtle? More antibacterial/antiviral than tea tree oil. VERY STRONG. More "lemony" than lemon. If you ever smell lemon and lavender on me, it's myrtle oil. Take me to that store some time.

Jessica G said...

I have not heard of Lemon Myrtle... I'll have to try that next batch. All I knew of that had the antibacterial was Tea Tree Oil. Thanks!!!!