Monday, January 12, 2009


Mackenzie set fire to a kitchen towel the other day while scrambling eggs. I had to laugh. It so reminded me of growing up with my mom and her kitchen mishaps. I vividly remember my dad rushing out the back door into the yard with whatever she had set on fire held out in front of him. Once the fire was out he'd come back in the house shaking his head and as if he knew he was up against something that just couldn't be changed said in a defeated voice, 'Karen.'

So when Kenzie started her small fire, I grabbed up the towel and ran out my own back door, just like dad use to. :) Laughing the entire time and fighting flashbacks I came back inside and said defeatedly, "Mackenzie." I think Kenzie was just in shock that it happened so fast, but lets face it, she was just glad she hadn't set fire to her wonderful outfit!!!!!

The only sad thing about it was that was a really great drying towel for the
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