Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ev, the make up artist

So today is my 31st birthday. And I've spent it like any other day, cleaning, cooking and driving Kenzie to a sleepover. So when I put the kids down for a nap at 3 I thought, ok, I'm going to do whatever I want and if that's sit on the couch and watch a cheesy movie and fall asleep then so be it. Well I ended up sitting on the couch trying to catch up with my Bible reading. Our church is reading the entire bible this year and I'm a few days behind schedule. So I read 5 or 6 chapters, get a phone call and then it's time to get the kids up. No big deal, at least I got to eat some white chocolate covered pretzels while I read the Word. So I get Isaac up and turn around to get Evan Grace up, but she's already out of bed and at the doorway just waiting to hear 'you can get up now.'

The light is off in her room and the hallway so I can't see her too well and she has this big dopey grin on her face and I just have this gut feeling that something is up. Of course she hasn't been sleeping or I would have found her still asleep in bed, so I'm starting to wonder what it could be. Just the other day Kenzie let her have pink nail polish for naptime, which I didn't know about, which Evan Grace used on all her fingernails and finger tips the entire nap time.
Ev wants me to pick her up, which I do and then I see it. The blueish-green marker all over her face.
"What did you do?" I exclaimed.
"I wanted to be pretty. I use my marker make-up all over my face."
"Markers aren't make-up, but let's go see how pretty it is."
I took her into the bathroom so she could look in the mirror. She's so pleased with herself and I'm thinking, do I have time to give her a bath and still get ready to go out tonight? Do I have a choice? I can't leave her looking like a blue green marker factory exploded on her face.
"Can you take my picture please?" Ev asks me.
That's when I notice the NOT WASHABLE marker all over her shirt. A fairly new shirt no less. So I took a couple of pictures and then I notice the socks. She didn't go to nap with socks let alone a pair that fits her 5 year old brother, Isaac, who has gigantic feet.

I'm beginning to wonder why I put her down for a nap at all anymore. :)

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doug said...

Happy Birthday, Momma!