Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our bible story crafts.

Ok, so I've added something else to our busy homeschool days and schedule. I wanted to do some form of an Advent Calender with the kids or a Jesse Tree. But never got the chance or the time to plan it out and follow through. So I thought....why not just make it a craft felt Bible story every week. So this is what I came up with.

I got two foam sheets at Wal-Mart, blue for Isaac and white for Evan Grace. I used tacky glue and glued on fuzzy pompoms so they can hang their crafts on them. I started out with 6 of them and decided I can glue more on up the sides of the foam paper as we go.

The first day we had our bible study on Creation and made a felt sun. (I pre-cut 6 felt craft ideas and stored each one of them in a ziploc bag with a sticky note that has the subject and bible verses to read.)

The kids had such fun with it that they asked to do another one immediately so I went ahead with the Noah and flood story. I cut 'U' shapes out of different colored felt, applied the glue for them and had them press them on in order. I think it's a fun way to go over bible stories and so far Evan Grace has went up to her Foam Board and explained to her dad what the sun and rainbow were all about. :)

Mackenzie, being 12 is going to paraphrase the bible stories in her own words in a written paper. Thanks to my mom's idea she might even end up teaching some of the bible stories to Evan Grace and Isaac instead of writing it. That way maybe my house doesn't drown in all the mess I can't seem to keep up with. :)

I'll post pics of the next craft we do. I'm excited it's going so well. I pray it lasts!!!!
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Anonymous said...

LOVE this idea! I think Kenzie teaching is also great. Great job, Mom.