Monday, January 26, 2009

My secret shame.

There are many names I call myself (just a few are bad, but mostly good ones).
Here are some good ones:
A decent baker
A better cook
Budget wise

But one thing that I don't really consider myself is organized. I was thinking about this earlier when I went to find a picture I had been thinking about blogging about. I couldn't put my hands on where I thought it was and then a shudder ran through my body. 'Oh no, it's got to be in the secret shame.' What is that you may ask? I'll get to that. Back to not being organized. I started looking around my house to see if and where I was organized and I was happy with what I found. Then that shudder hit me again and quickly dashed any hope I had of labeling myself 'organized'. Here's some picture proof that I can be organized and do a bang up job at it.

I present states evidence A....
My towel closet....which reminds me
I need to do some laundry.

States evidence B: my kitchen pantry!
(Not to shabby huh?)

State's evidence C:
My kitchen shelves as I call it, where I keep track of bills,
wayward crayons, pictures that need to be filed away and
recipe books that don't fit in the other recipe drawer.
(True it's crowded but you can still see order right? Right???)

State's Evidence D:
My homeschool cart/shelf.
I've blogged about this before, I've kept up with
it pretty well I must say.

So what's all the hub bub about? Why all this worry about being organized and shudders at the words 'secret shame'. Because I look at the very last picture of this post and think to myself, how did it get this far, can I ever get it back, will someone find me if I get lost, and are there cockroaches in there????

So without farther adu, I present to you what I refer to as my secret shame. Only my husband, mom and oldest daughter know of my secret shame. And I thought it was time I bravely blogged about this to my blog buddies. Maybe someone can give me guidance, tips, advise on where to begin, some system to try or maybe just come by my house and toss me a rope if they haven't heard from me in a few days.

Ladies and Gentlemen...may God have mercy on your souls.....My secret shame.

It's the closet in my bedroom and yes I am ashamed....very very
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