Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dog walking.

Not only did the kids and I house sit for my sister a week or so ago, but we also signed up to walk her dog Oscar while there. Oscar is a big old Beagle that just kinda lopes through life. Not much phases this dog except a walk. This is when he really comes alive. The kids love going on walks, be it a nature walk or just around the bend for some fresh air. I can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can take more walks together. Here's some snapshots of our walk with Oscar, oh and our dog Daisy.

Mackenzie decided to take charge of Oscar while on the walk, while I took charge of a crazy Daisy that decided to have an asthma attack every 5 steps, and she doesn't even have asthma. Makenzie got the easy part of this walk. :)

Isaac on the start of our walk. He was very focused; on what I'm still not sure.
The only thing that Oscar every really acknowledge on our entire walk. He actually stopped, leaned towards her as far as the leash would allow him and whined for a bit. She whined and even wagged her body right back at him. I think it was love.
Our walk turned into a nature collection for Evan Grace. Rocks, leaves, and a long stick all came back to the house with us. She was very pleased with her stash.
Mackenzie had to tie her shoe lace so we took a quick stop to let her lace up and to let Daisy try and recover from another asthma attack..jeesh....some of the neighbors that were out washing their cars had started looking at her at this point.

Though you can't tell it in this picture, Isaac took along a waterbottle that came with his back pack. Every few steps he would stop to sprinkle water onto grass, plants, sometimes a mailbox, claiming that he was helping things grow again. He was very busy and committed to bringing things back to life.
We saw a pretty Siamese cat on our walk. She/He didn't much care for us, hence the looking down at her paws as we pass by and take her picture. So snotty.

It was a fun walk, the only one that seemed to be done in from all the activities was Daisy and I think that's simple because she wanted to turn the walk into a drama fest!! She's such a princess.

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