Friday, March 12, 2010


Remember this POST? I finally took it to my tattoo guy here in Virginia and said let's get this thing going. We spent some time talking over the past few weeks and he somewhat got to know me and some of my likes and dislikes. So when I walked into the tattoo studio last night (my grandmother's birthday) and he handed me a rough work up of what ended up on me...well I was blown away. My fascination with Owls is only going to get worse now.

After 2 1/2 hours in the chair, with no breaks or numbing agent (go me!) he finished and I can honestly say his work is stunning. The guys and Montana, in Lucky You Tattoo are amazing and super nice. The next time I get all jonesy for a tattoo I know exactly where I'm going. I need to take a better picture of the leaf, I had just smeared Vitamin E oil over all of it and it's shining in the wrong spots!

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Anonymous said...

HEY!!! Fun. Do I spy THE leaf? Love it. Miss you. Really. Really.

Jessica G said...

Yes, this is THE leaf....gorgeous isn't it. I'll repost a 'healed' pic when it's...well...healed. I'm already planning my next one.

I miss you too very very much.