Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bigger than life roses.

I love fabric roses on things for little girls. I love them on dresses, headbands, t-shirts, skirts. I tried 3 smashes roses for this dress for Evan Grace. Then I found an online tut on a way to make soft ruffled roses. Instead of sewing a rose to scale I made mine large enough to work with easily so I could learn the technique before I sized it down for actually use. I didn't have any plans for the enormous flower. Evan Grace, on the other hand, did. I left it on the table after sewing it up and after she played with it for a few hours (apparently all Princesses, love and need to carry large roses) she asked me to put a stick on it for a headband. Not sure why she called it a stick, maybe she was thinking plastic, I don't know. But I sewed up a headband for her, with an enormous rose on it. She's in heaven.

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Anonymous said...

Great. Now Faith wants ME to make her one. Poor kid. Mom doesn't know how to sew a stitch. Guess I'll just make her a cake. :>)

Jessica G said...

As soon as we're settled in our new home I'll make her one, smaller, and mail it out to her OR I can hand deliver it next trip to AL. Love you, miss you so much.