Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just this side of nasty.

Homemade Marshmallows. Sounds interesting and kinda yummy doesn't it? I was excited to find this recipe, even more excited that the reviews for this recipe were great and had people gushing over this being the best recipe for homemade marshmallows they had ever tried. My kids were going to love these!!!!

Start by dumping 3 envelopes of Gelatin (which is the same as 3 TBS) into 1/2 cup of cold water. Let this bloom, (or sit around) for 10 minutes.
In a medium sized pot, pour in 2 cups of sugar, 2/3 cup corn syrup, and 1/4 cup water.
Bring this mixture to a boil and let it boil for 1 minutes. Or if you have a thermometer you can let it boil until it reaches 250 degrees. (I only had dark corn syrup on hand so the color was a little off on the marshmallows at first).
While you're waiting for this to boil, grease a 9x13 pan with spray butter/oil and then powdered sugar.

Drizzle in the hot sugar mixture into the blooming gelatin and mix at a low speed until all of the sugar mixture has been added. Then turn your mixture as high as you possible can without spraying yourself with 250 degree sugar and let this whip up for awhile.  ADD 1/4 tsp of salt.
Once the volume of the marshmallow stops increasing,  add 1 TBS of vanilla extract. Let it mix a few seconds and then turn the mixer off.  Pour the white ooze into the greases and powdered pan. (If you spray Pam on a sheet of cling wrap and press this on top of the marshmallow you can get a smoother top then with your spatula.

Let this sit overnight or at least 12 hours without a cover or lid.

Once the marshmallows are set, sprinkle powdered sugar over a hard surface.

Turn the block of marshmallow onto the powdered surface and cube with a pizza cutter or large butcher knife.
Dredge each piece with powdered sugar and store in an airtight container for a few days.
Do you want my honest opnion on these marshmallows? I mean really? Of course you do our you wouldn't have read down this far. They wer HORRIBLE. I could not believe how bad these tasted. The texture was the only thing that was somewhat similar to an actually marshmallow. Other than that....gag me. Mackenzie and I both ate one and then threw the rest away. I'm so not sure what all the great reviews were about. Maybe what I expect from a marshmallow is not as mature as those that made these and loved them. Ewwwww.

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