Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Don't let him fool you.

My dad turns 60 today. In 1992 he suffered a horrible heart attack, he totally changed his lifestyle afterwards and became uber healthy. Then two years ago he had to have bypass surgery and came through it very well. For someone that could have left this earth too soon I'm thankful for every birthday I get to spend with him. Happy Birthday Dad. Some of my family and I took him to his favorite Mexican restaurant this past weekend for dinner. Isn't he handsome, doesn't look a day over 45 does he??? Such a handsome man. This is the first birthday I've gotten to spend with my dad in 7 years. I've missed it.
His mother came, she's not a fan of Mexican but she asked her only son to help her order and I think she was a trooper. :)
Of course my sister and her hubby came with us. She's the life of any party, full of stories, jokes and all around silliness.
Cousin Connor and his mom, my aunt Judy came as well. They had never been to this place and had a good time trying it out. Not the best picture but they were watching some kind of video my sister had on her phone.
Here's a picture of my mom and Mackenzie enjoying Fried Ice Cream.
Of course Evan Grace and Isaac spent the entire time goofing off and stuffing their faces with chips and cheese dip.
Who doesn't love a good birthday dinner?

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