Monday, March 22, 2010

A week in review.

I'm sure everyone has weeks where they get a lot accomplished. I'm sure everyone has weeks where they didn't necessarily get a lot accomplished but stayed busy with life. This past week was one of the latter weeks for me.

My handmade journal from Austria finally arrived in the mail.
Can't you just feel how soft this leather cover is? I love the flowers and the gold squiggly clip thing. :)
And the hand torn, stained pages....ohhhhh I think I just drooled a little looking at this picture. Can't wait to write in it.
I put together a makeshift tea part for the two younger kids and their great grandmother when she came down to visit. Daisy wouldn't let her join in the tea party though and that was okay with great grandmother because she doesn't like tea.
We were gifted with a few warmer days last week so the kids and I spent some time watching the sheep in the farm behind the house.  The sheep weren't too happy with the'd think for country sheep they'd be a little nicer.
I made Lemon yogurt!!!!!! The very first time I actually flavored my yogurt before it was heated and set. Very tasty.

To make the Lemon Yogurt I used Lemon Gelatin that I picked up from the best store in the world on a trip into town. I could seriously spend all my money in that store, isn't that sad?  I don't care about shoes or clothes, let me get gelation and organic cocoa, and cloves and arrowroot in little plastic containers!! I'm pathetic.
So not only do sheep graze at the farm behind my house but unbeknownst to me, it's also a helicopter landing pad!! The kids and I about flipped out when we heard the blades whoop whoop through the air so close to the house. Then to have it land 40ish feet behind the house was another flip out.  Below the farm, over the hill (no this is not a song) is a small rock quarry. Apparently a pretty big race car driver owns this quarry and was in town due to the Bristol race this past weekend. Seems he didn't want to drive the hour from Bristol to check on his business. No, he wanted to be flown in by Helicopter; by all means Mr. Famous Race Car Driver.

Not one day though, but two days this guy flew in, jumped out of the helicopter and dashed over the hill to his quarry. Ok, so maybe I got a bigger kick out of this than the kids did, it's just not something you see everyday.
Amidst all of this fun I managed to paint the chalkboard plate as well as get some sewing done, though nothing I'm happy enough with to picture and post here yet. Who knows what this week coming up will shape up to be?  

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